Zwickau was only a short episode for the “Möhrchen”.

All the goods disappeared from the unparked store on Inner Schneeberger Strasse. He painted. “For operational reasons, the carrot is closed,” says a sign. Owner Annemarie Friedrich confirmed that this is not a break and that her branch in Zwickau is closed permanently. Before him, Mr. Cornfill had already bowed and closed the sails. It is unlikely that they will make another attempt.

“From the beginning of 2022, more than 100 organic and non-packaged shops are closed. As a result, the dealers have increased their prices even further and reduced the supply. Because Zwickau does not give us the best conditions neither in terms of price or quantity, we want to focus on our beautiful shop in Glauchau,” says Annemarie Friedrich as the main reason for closing the branch in Zwickau.

Another is demand. The “Möhrchen” was opened in April. At first, sales were good, says Annemarie Friedrich. But then the summer slide did not start in July / August as usual, but two months earlier. “Prices have gone up, and of course people keep their money together. You can understand it when they go back to cheaper supplies.

Annemarie Friedrich invites you to her main branch on the sign at the front door. The business in Glauchau continues. He has many regular customers there and the ambience is very attractive, said the young businessman. And in Zwickau the mentality is a bit different. “In Zwickau there are some organic bakeries and the great Denns. I think it’s not our time and maybe people didn’t like the concept very much.”

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