Women power: Are men intimidated by Nele Wüstenberg?

Nele Wüstenberg (29) is an absolute power woman! The native of Hamburg did not find love with his bachelor’s degree, but the influencer’s career is running like clockwork: a few years ago he founded his own company Nelipies brand – today the beauty is very successful with those who have cups classy Feel the man Neles Success is sometimes intimidating? celebrity flash followed.

On the two-year anniversary of the Nelipies brand in Hamburg Nelle celebrity flash reveals that it is not uncommon for men to feel intimidated by their behavior. “I hear more often they say: ‘You seem so confident in yourself, as a man you have respect for him. Maybe you don’t dare to talk to you quickly.’ In the end, that’s not what I want to aim for, but I’ve heard that quite often, yes, “said the business woman.

while they would have Nelle At first I did not think that the brands would one day become so successful. “Two years ago, I could never have dreamed that I would be so successful with the brand and take off like this. It was actually like a small idea that somehow became really big,” he said happily.

Nele Wüstenberg, influencer
Nele Wüstenberg, entrepreneur
Bachelor girl Nele Wüstenberg

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