What ÖBB night trains will change for travelers from 2023

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With night trains across Europe: This is what the new Nightjets look like

ÖBB is putting 33 new Nightjets on the tracks. The night trains should offer more comfort and increased privacy, so that the night trip in Europe becomes even more attractive. Here is the new design.

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Get on the train in the evening, fall asleep in your own bed and wake up in the morning at your destination: Traveling by night train is popular – and possible with various providers in Europe. The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) also offers travel with the Nightjet. A new design should make overnight train travel even more attractive in the future.

A total of 33 new generation Nightjets will connect European cities overnight in a climate-friendly way at speeds of up to 230 mph. The first trains are scheduled to be in use on the routes from Austria and Germany to Italy in late summer 2023, serving Vienna, Munich, Rome, Venice and Milan.

By 2025, all new generation Nightjets will also serve European cities in Switzerland and the Netherlands, replacing a large proportion of the existing trains.

New equipment: This is what the ÖBB Nightjets have to offer

The new sleeping cars and berths should score with modern design, more comfort and more privacy. A lower seat and two-person compartment in the sleeping car and four-person compartment in the sleeping car as well as the so-called “mini cabin” for single travelers should help.

In the sleeping cars with fixed beds, all compartments also have their own bathroom and shower facilities. A chair for working, reading or eating during the trip should provide more comfort.

This is what it looks like in the car Comfort plus sleep.