Viennese tobacco desperate, sales collapse by 60% – Vienna

The hut is burning because of inflation! in “today”-Talk unwraps a Viennese tobacco on a big drop in sales and months of bottle mouth supply.

Stefanie Grossauer has been running the tobacco shop at Kärntner Ring 3 in downtown Vienna for eleven years. The perennial favorite is not so easily blown by crisis. The ban on gastro smoking in 2019 and the COVID-19 pandemic caused drastic losses. Due to the current exceptional situation, the desperate tobacco now sounded the alarm (video above).

For “today” he draws a balance: “If I compare the turnover with the previous year, it is less than 60 percent!”

Your customers will save the increase in the price of cigarettes. “Many people say that if they only become more expensive, I will either go abroad and get some sticks or I will stop,” says Grossauer.

Cigars are not delivered

“I have been waiting for my cigars for more than four months and they have not been delivered,” the businesswoman complained. While other tobaccos are not affected by the supply problem, it looks at the fingers.

“Of course I have my regular customers for it, who of course now run away from me because they can find it elsewhere,” he said angrily.

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