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The share price of Paramount Global on September 16, 2022, 8:33 pm is USD 21.92. The title is attributed to the “Telecommunications Services” industry.

We analyzed the candidates for Paramount Global based on 5 major categories. The stock receives a partial rating for each category. In a general view, the results lead to classification as “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell”.

1. Relative Force Index: An important technical analysis signal, the Relative Strength Index, or RSI, correlates the ups and downs of price movements over an exemplary 7-day period. Values ​​between 0 and 30 are considered “oversold”, values ​​between 70 and 100 are considered “overbought” and values ​​between are considered neutral. The RSI of Paramount Global leads to a Hold rating at the level of 63.57. 25-day RSI25 at 59.87 is indicative of a view to hold at this level. This puts the overall rating at “Hold”.

2. Investors: In the past two weeks, Paramount Global has been evaluated particularly positively by users, mostly private on social media. This is the conclusion our editorial team reached when evaluating the various comments and requests to speak that faced this value in the past two weeks. In contrast, mostly negative topics related to values ​​have been addressed in the past few days. In summary, we believe investor sentiment at this level warrants a Hold rating. In addition, the editors also filter out exactly calculable signals and finally get 4 sell signals. Therefore, we give a “Sell” recommendation in this rating. Therefore, measuring investor sentiment in general produces a “Hold” rating.

3. Sentiment and Buzz: Long-term monitoring of online communication is one of the soft factors when evaluating a stock. From this point of view, Paramount Global shared this picture for the past months: The intensity of the discussion, which is particularly evident in the frequency of verbal contributions, showed increased activity. As a result, Paramount Global receives a Buy rating on this factor. The so-called rate of change of attitude shows a change in the negative. This is equivalent to a “Sell” rating. Overall, Paramount Global is a “sell” stock.

Buy, Hold or Sell – Your ViacomCBS Registered (B) analysis dated 19/09 give the answer:

How will ViacomCBS Registered (B) develop now? Is a worthwhile entry or should investors rather sell? Find the answers to these questions and why you need to act now in the current analysis of ViacomCBS Registered (B).

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