Third party funding for each university professor in 2020 of 287,000 euros


In 2020, a professor at a German university raised an average of 287,000 euros in third-party funding. That was 0.2% or EUR 500 more than in the previous year. As the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reported, the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH Aachen) was again in first place with 935,700 euros in third-party funding per teacher, followed by the Technical University of Munich with 752,700 euros and the University of Stuttgart 661 200 euros. In order to allow comparisons between universities with and without medical facilities, the medical facilities or health sciences in the universities are not taken into account, partly due to the very high third-party funding.

In 2020, RWTH Aachen University not only received the most third-party funding per professor, but also overall, at 324 million euros, among German universities. The Technical University of Munich followed in second and third place with almost 324 million euros and the Technical University of Dresden with 251 million euros. Third-party funds are primarily raised for individual or area research projects.

Engineering science and the largest third-party funding per teacher

When comparing third-party funding by subject group, medical institutions and university health sciences are also included. The subject group with the highest third-party funding per teacher in 2020 was engineering with 631,300 euros (+2.9% compared to 2019). The subject group of human medicine / health sciences followed in second place with 605,700 euros (+1.5%) and in third place was the subject group of mathematics / natural sciences with 356,300 euros (-0.3%). Third-party funding was significantly lower at EUR 142,000 per professor in law, economics and social sciences (-2.0%) and at EUR 127,000 in the humanities (-7.6%). They were lowest in the art/art science subject group at EUR 82,800 (-4.0%).

Significantly lower third-party funding in universities of applied sciences than in universities

In other types of higher education institutions, the average third-party funding per teacher in 2020 was significantly lower than in universities: in universities of applied sciences (except administrative colleges) they amounted to 43,400 euros (+3.7% compared to 2019) ). and in art colleges 18,300 euros (-8.4%). On average in all universities (except administrative colleges), a professor collected third party funds of 197,800 euros (+1.0%) in 2020.

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Specialist series 11, series 4.3.2, “University monetary statistical indicators” provides detailed results on university finance statistics. The long time series for key figures for university monetary statistics can be accessed through the GENESIS-Online database (tables 21381-0005 and 21381-0014).

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