The German team aims for bronze in the basketball championship

Lwhether or not German basketball professionals did not want to hear after their defeat. “The Germans are a fascinating team,” commented coach Sergio Scariolo after the 96:91 Spanish selection in the semi-final: “A great opponent.” Lorenzo Brown, the American playmaker for the Spanish national team, was still impressed a few minutes later. game: “There was a fascinating energy in the room. And Schröder played in an incredible way.”

Dennis Schröder, who is outstanding with 30 points and 6 assists, and his teammates knew only too well that they had a great chance to win the European Championship on Sunday in Berlin and wasted it. There, on Sunday evening, the Spaniards will play against France, the team that defeated the German team in the first round of the European Championship in Cologne. “We gave everything, we had the option to win the game,” said Schröder.

“We dig a hole”

His team led by eight points just before the last quarter (71:63), but then the 14,000 spectators had to watch what happened, as national coach Gordon Herbert described: “We dug ourselves a hole.” 31 points made it in there. the final ten minutes the Spaniards, the most successful were Brown with 29 points and the brothers Willy and Juancho Hernangomez with 16 and 13 points. The Germans were only twenty; In addition to 17 missed shots in the first three quarters, there were 18 more in the last ten minutes alone (with 33 field goals, 49 percent).

Nationals coach Gordon Herbert on the fourth quarter:

National coach Gordon Herbert on the fourth quarter: “We dug a hole.”

Image: AFP

Schröder was pressed by two or even three defenders. “If several players are on me, then of course others must do something,” commented Schröder: “In the end, the Spaniards defend me well and slow me down. But we have many qualities in the team that everyone can do something.”

The quality is obvious. As soon as NBA professionals Schröder, Franz Wagner (15 points) and Daniel Theis (10), Euroleague players Andreas Obst (15), Maodo Lo (9), Johannes Thiemann (6) and Johannes Voigtmann (2) died Now injured . Moritz Wagner and Isaac Bonga return, prospects for a successful performance at the 2023 World Cup and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games become promising.

But none of the players wanted to dwell on that Friday night, even as they promised each other to stick together for this campaign. “Of course we wanted to win the game today,” said Schröder: “As captain, I and the boys want to win a medal. We would make history. That’s motivation for everyone.”

The third European Championship medal for the German team is at stake on Sunday. 31 years ago, in 1993, Germany became the European champion as host of the tournament, 17 years ago, in 2005 in Belgrade, Dirk Nowitzki’s team reached the final. “Keep your head down, boy! Get the bronze!” Nowitzki wrote on Twitter.

The national team will play against Poland on Sunday (5:15 pm, broadcast MagentaSport and RTL) for third place, the coveted spot on the podium and the bronze medal. The team side point guard Mateusz Ponitka was blocked in the match against France on Friday evening. Two days after the surprise victory over the European champion Slovenia and Luka Doncic, the Poles only scored 54 points – 31 less than the French. “They will also be motivated and want to win a medal,” commented Andreas Obst; one should not underestimate the team. “We won twice against Poland in the World Cup qualifiers,” recalled Herbert: Minutes.

Schröder was optimistic. “People said we wouldn’t even get through the preliminary round. He said: “With these guys in the locker room, I will face any opponent. I love the boys, we gave everything.”

Franz Wagner entered the dressing room with his head hanging. “I’m very disappointed. We could have done it better today as a team,” he said, “But this is part of it. We have to mark that. We can still get a medal. In this respect , I am waiting for Sunday.” And Johannes Thiemann also showed something like optimism. “It hurts today. We could beat them. But the dream of the medal is still alive,” he said: “We will focus on tomorrow.”

Schroeder returned to the Lakers

Meanwhile, it was announced that night that Schröder had agreed to a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers for the upcoming season. “We are very pleased to welcome Dennis Schröder back to the Lakers,” Vice President Rob Pelinka said late Friday evening (local time), according to the club’s announcement. Details of the contract have not been released. According to media reports, it would be a one-year deal worth $2.64 million. This was reported, among other things, by ESPN, citing Schröder’s agents.

Schröder already played for the Lakers in 2020/21 and will now return to the side of superstar LeBron James. “Honored to play for the @Lakers. Can’t wait to get started!” Schröder wrote on Instagram. Last year, the point guard turned down an $84 million, four-year extension to his Lakers contract and continued to play in Boston and Houston. The past year did not feel good, Schröder wrote. He felt misunderstood and no one really knew the story. Now he returns to the larger organization to make things right. “I’ll give it all I’ve got, every day!!”

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