The death of the businesswoman Queen Elizabeth II – an era has come to an end

The world mourns the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. She was the queen of the British Kingdom for 70 years and although she did not have any political function, she was a role model for many Britons. With his sense of duty and consistency, he was a leading figure of our time. He endured the blows of fate, crises and scandals with stoic calm, at least in public, and never allowed himself to be distracted from his duties. He has also always been a popular subject for the media, whether as a monarch, the head of the family or simply as a funny person with a weakness for horses and corgis. But the monarchy isn’t just there to fill the tabloids. Royalty is also a company.

The independent organization “The Crown Estate” which takes care of the estate records is responsible for business matters. According to Forbes, the royal family receives 25 percent of the money generated by the organization. In 2020, it was a profit of almost 420 million euros, of which the royal family received about 100 million euros. This money is used, for example, for official work, salaries or maintenance of royal palaces that are not owned by the royal family.

According to “Forbes”, all the assets of the British crown are estimated at 28 billion dollars: land and holdings of the Crown Estate (19.5 billion US dollars), Buckingham Palace (estimated 4.9 billion US dollars), the Duchy of Cornwall ($ 1.3 ). billion), the Duchy of Lancaster ($748 million), Kensington Palace (estimated $630 million) and the Crown Estate of Scotland ($592 million). According to Forbes estimates, Queen Elizabeth had another $500 million in private assets from investments, jewelry and some private castles, including the well-known Balmoral Castle in Scotland. In addition, the Queen generated income from her horse breeding. He died on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in the presence of his family.


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