Sylt sells punks – with a train ticket to Hamburg as a separate gift

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Sylt sells punks – and a train ticket as a farewell gift

Mayor Sylt Häckel: dismissal for all punks

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Hundreds of police ensure eviction – 200 spectators on the town hall square. Most punks left the island.

  • Sylt: Hundreds of police clear the punks protest camp
  • The Sylt punks are now moving to Hamburg for the port’s birthday
  • Mayor Häckel wants to prevent punks on Sylt in 2023

“The police are coming!” someone was alarmed punk on Wednesday at 8.45 am the roommates are there protest camp in Westerland Sylt. And how they came. A whole hundred of them state police Schleswig-Holstein marched towards Rathausplatz, where about 20 punks pitched their tents.

Using a megaphone, Nikolas Häckel, the mayor of the municipality of Sylt, asked the punks to clear the area immediately. Two more calls were necessary, but at 11:15 the last two punks voluntarily left the town hall and the protest camp was history. The building yard of the municipality of Sylt cleared the park and fenced it in. The police could take it easy – from the beginning they were determined not to let the situation get worse and made several “cooperation shots” with the co-chairman of the meeting, Jörg Otto.

Sylt: Punks clear the protest camp under police supervision

Permits for protest camps across the country currently expire on August 31. The punks first tried in the administrative and later the higher administrative court to get an extension at least until the end of October. But on Monday, all legal remedies were exhausted. The courts rejected a complaint citing unsanitary conditions around the camp and permanent noise pollution. Attempts to register a new meeting at the Keitum stadium with the district failed, as did the foundation of an association “Sylt für alle eV” – the notary simply did not show up for the appointment.

Because about 200 people gathered on the stairs to follow the release of the camp, “Nimbus” used this for the last words. He climbed onto a sofa and criticized, among other things: “If the SUVs are driving here on the island. , they produce more dirt than when we pee on a wall. It was also “Nimbus” who invited Wolfgang Schäuble and Gregor Gysi to the summer meeting place. He ended his conference with the sentence: “Good luck, good luck, see you soon.”

Officials took the punks to the train station on Sylt – with Hamburg as their destination?

At first, it was still unclear how quickly the last punks would leave the island. 14 of them pushed their loaded shopping carts just 100 meters further to the fountain and Wilhelmine in Wilhelmstrasse and parked in front of Rossmann’s pharmacy. At this point they have already parted with the demo in the summer. They knew they couldn’t stay there long after Häckel issued an eviction notice for the area between Bahnweg and Wilhelmstrasse as well as Maybachstrasse.

As the mayor of the municipality of Sylt explained shortly afterwards, “the former protesters were escorted to the train station by the police”. The public order office took over the cost of group tickets. Some should have the destination Hamburg. “SHZ” reports that the punks now want to draw attention to their subject with a stop at the port’s birthday. What is certain is that there are only a few people left on the island. Häckel also announced that he wanted to try to find the leaders of the meeting to share the costs incurred, but these are homeless or living on Hartz IV.

Sylterin harshly criticized punks

Businesswoman Silke G. described how much Sylt residents longed for the end of the punks, making it clear to the Abendblatt: “Many people have to take two or three jobs in the way they shape their lives. Then you hear people like this: We have to accept donations because we don’t want to participate in the capitalist system. And we are on the island for you to finally wake up. For me, it was the statement that made me think: This is not possible.

Silke G. went on to say that he was absolutely in favor of freedom of expression, and also for the right to demonstrate, but not for the abuse of this right to demonstrate and assemble.

The mayor of Sylt wants to prevent the punks from coming again in 2023

Mayor Häckel announced that he would draw conclusions from the events of the summer. “We will prepare differently and as a municipality we will see that we keep an eye on all open spaces. We did not realize before that the areas could be used so intensively against our wishes.” The municipality will develop the concept so that these areas cannot be used freely. “We also want to see together with the state and the district if we have others. legal lays the foundation.”

Unsurprisingly, Häckel also commented on a new edition of the 9-euro ticket: “It was the bad sign. You can’t make a cheap offer if Deutsche Bahn doesn’t have the resources.”

Update: Thursday, 09/15/2022, 11:38 am

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