Sweet news from “Marriage at First Sight”: Annika became a mother

In 2020, Annika and Manuel proved that love can sometimes take strange paths. Two singles took their chances on the TV show “Marriage at First Sight” and exchanged vows with a previously unknown person at the wedding altar. At first, the two were still strangers to each other. But they gave love a chance. With success! Now the couple is reporting to their fans with surprising news on Instagram. You had a baby. After that, they revealed the gender right away.

“Marriage at first sight” couples indulge in baby happiness

“Now we can finally tell you why we have been quiet for a long time,” wrote the “Marriage at First Sight” candidate on his Instagram account. “Science really gave birth to love – and love gave birth to another life.” What this is about can be deduced from the sweet photo that Annika has uploaded: In this, two beautiful baby feet stretched out in front of the camera lens. So Annika and Manuel became new parents and proudly revealed the gender of the child.

“We gave all our attention to our little daughter, who stole our hearts. We are very happy to be able to hold her in our arms and enjoy the time together,” the proud mother continued happily. The couple’s fans, friends and TV colleagues are also completely overwhelmed by this sweet message. In the comment field, the little family is showered with congratulations and hearts.

Annika and Manuel experienced “ups and downs”.

The news of baby happiness should have been a big surprise for many fans of the couple. A few weeks ago, Annika spoke to fans and, on the occasion of the second wedding anniversary, she uploaded photos of the most beautiful day of her life on Instagram. But she did not say a word about her pregnancy. Instead, it focuses on how they navigate the “ups and downs” of their relationship together. “After the rain, the sun always comes back,” Anika explained to her fans. Now, Annika and Manuel have another sun in their lives.

Apps beyond cameras! Six months ago, Anika said “yes” a second time. In the video below, we show you who likes to post “marriage at first sight” candidates to surprise their fans.

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