Suspected rupture of the cruciate ligament in the Pioneers crack! – – All news about national and international ice hockey

Pioneers Vorarlberg can look back on a successful CIEHL opening weekend. But along with the sense of accomplishment, there is also bad news.

No question: the victory over the KAC was not a brilliant performance in terms of gameplay, but it was very combative. And that’s exactly what the Pioneers need right now to find a position in the league.

The first victory was earlier than most thought and the greatest pressure was off – it goes without saying that in Vorarlberg on Sunday evening there was reason to celebrate for the first time.

But the mood was a bit cloudy, as Clayton Kirichenko was probably injured. The 26-year-old Canadian was shot in the knee and has a suspected cruciate ligament tear. With that, the Canadian would be out for a long time…


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