“Red Rose”: New love for Amelie!

in “Red rose“Amelie has had no luck in love so far – but that may change soon!

Not only in love things did not look rosy for Amelie (Lara-Isabelle Rentinck) for a long time, the wife in the business also continues to face difficult times professionally. When it became clear that Charlotte (Malene Becker) wanted to put her money into Amelie’s hotel project, the world seemed good – but only for a while! Because he soon found out that the hotel is in danger of leaking again. In order not to jeopardize their plans again, he did not tell Charlotte about it and encouraged her to sign the contract with the construction company. To cover the incident, Amelie has the damage below filled with concrete and believes she has the situation under control again.

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“Red Rose”: Amelie is visited by the police!

But it comes as it should: Charlotte learns the truth and demands that Amelie take responsibility for the construction work and the associated damage. Because he firmly rejected his demands, Simon’s sister went to the police. But Amelie turns heads and lodges a complaint against Charlotte – after all, her name is on the planning application. Not only Charlotte is completely shocked, Philip and Britta are also surprised by their unscrupulousness. When Amelie is visited by the police, she is shocked to discover that her own brother has reported her. Contrary to her inner belief, Amelie finally admits that she is lost.

"Red rose"-Double exit: Philipp and Amelie want to leave the city! series

“Red Rose”: 2 figures out and probably won’t come back!

From 2021 and 2019 respectively, Marc Schöttner… Read more “

“Red Rose”: Simon and Amelie kiss!

Even if things don’t look rosy professionally, things look very different when it comes to love! After he offered Simon his support in planning the golf cup at Drei Könige, the cooperation went better than expected, to everyone’s surprise. In order to forget the worries of everyday life, Simon throws a party in the nursery with Finn, Charlotte and Nici. Hannes also appears and takes Amelie with him to accompany him. The alcohol flowed in large quantities and caused a lot of emotional chaos among the guests at the party the next morning. Because Amelie flashed a memory: she kissed Simon last night!

We will soon find out what exactly the kiss means in “Red rose“. If you don’t want to miss the telenovela, you should always tune in to ARD Monday to Friday at 2:10 pm!

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