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Hello adventurers!

Aeternum is an evolving world and as such we are always working to bring new features, content and changes to our players. Like there Getting ready for our last major update We’d like to invite you all back to join us for our next big Public Test Zone (PTR) release!


The Public Test Zone (PTR) is a limited availability server that gives players an early look at upcoming features. These preview builds are snapshots come on, bigger Updates and not final versions – bugs, crashes, missing text or other problems may occur. We hope that through our internal testing and your feedback, we can identify and resolve any serious issues before they hit the live servers. However, we cannot fix all bugs or respond to all feedback before release. Some changes need further investigation and may not come until one of the next patches. However, hundreds of changes have already been made and there are more to come. Full release notes will be available on release date.

To aid in the feedback process, all newly created PTR characters will have the opportunity to immediately level up to select the appropriate level set and equipment and items.

The Public Test Range (PTR) was officially released today. In order to fill the world as well as possible and encourage group play, we will open two worlds (“US East PTR 1” and “EU PTR 1”) in this test, located in the regional data centers US East and Central European Union. To find the world you want for testing, you may need to change the client region selection in the main menu.

If it is about a bug or an exploit ball, or If you have any suggestions to improve a feature or content, we welcome your feedback to us PTR subforum (you can also use our in-game feedback tool). We’ll do our best to incorporate as much of your feedback as possible before the content update hits our live servers. Your participation will help us continue to provide great content and updates in the future!

Innovation is important

In this PTR series, we welcome feedback on these changes.

Sulfur sand desert area

The Brimstone Desert is a new area unlike anything else in Aeternum. Expect new enemies to fight, a new area to control, and new stories to discover.

Death hangs over the burning desert of the Sulfur Sands, its thirst unquenched even after centuries of war and conflict. Here the ancient Egyptians met the first ancestors of the gods and built monuments and great cities that were part of a prosperous civilization thousands of years ago. Their civilization has long since come to an end and only a few of these original inhabitants remain, including the mysterious sorcerer Imhotep, with whom players must work to unravel the mysteries of the desert.

The most immediate threat at Sulfur Sands is the insane remnants of the 19th Legion of the Roman Empire. It is necessary to discover what exactly happened to the Romans, but they fell into corruption and besieged the ancient ruins of a mysterious pyramid known as Akhet “. is known. They are sure that in it they will find the secret of their salvation and the long-lasting revival of the Roman Empire.

The Ennead expedition

Players must confront the Corrupted Legion head-on and enter the Ruins of the Ancestral, where they must confront the guardians of Anubis and solve hieroglyphic puzzles to gain new powers.

When the sands are settled, players will explore ancient mysteries with Imhotep, defeat powerful sand demons, and perhaps – if they persevere – have restored the rightful ruler who can finally bring order and hope to the region after centuries of chaos.

Heart Gem Ability

Adventurers can now further customize their style using the heart rune ability:

  • Explode: Charge yourself with arcane energy to explode and deal massive damage. Players can move and attack while the ability is active.

  • Twining Vines: Smash the ground with your fists to unfurl vines around you and kill all nearby enemies.

  • rock form: Turn to stone, making you immune to staggers, knockdowns, stuns, roots, and traps. Players can move and attack while this ability is active.

  • short cannon: Pull out a large portable cannon and fire a ball that explodes on impact, dealing heavy damage.

  • Dark Ascension: Grow corrupted wings and fly high in the air, hover for a while, then crash on the ground with great force, damaging all nearby enemies.

To activate an ability, players must fully charge their Heart Gem. Various combat actions such as dealing and taking damage, blocking hits, and healing allies will charge your Heart Gem. When used, the charge is reset. Experiment and upgrade each Heart Gem to find your favorite.

Renewal enters the game

We have completely redesigned the first levels of New World so that players who start the game or create a new character will experience brand new stories and quests. Player feedback on the variety of quests, AI diversity, streamlined chains with less back-and-forth, and improved story in the early stages of the game resulted in the following changes:

  • The flow of quests across areas has been streamlined, with moving NPCs and a central storyline that guides players through each region of the game, unlocking side content to speed up gameplay.

  • We have added a variety of new quest dynamics, from wave events to pursuits and locomotion challenges, puzzles in the ruins, unique interactions with the world, and dynamic events that players will encounter.

  • We reworked the intro to focus on the central story, introducing King Arthur’s legacy at Pride Rock and a curse and famine by the witch Medea at Windkreis. Players still encounter Hermit Yonas to begin the Soul Warden path, but all of Yonas’ quests have been merged into Everfall. The Hermit himself is now more mobile, and the story and quest flow have been greatly improved.

  • We have added many more characters to the areas and settlements of Pride Rock and Everfall, new enemies, new key locations, and new challenges in the quests and open world.

Great sword weapon

Get ready for a new weapon – the Greatsword. This two-handed blade uses the blade to adapt to different situations. Learn the risks and rewards of each option to survive in battle. Both weapon skill trees offer versatile tactics for different playstyles:

  • The Carnage Tree embodies relentless offense and focuses on defeating enemies before they can take you down.

  • The Tree of Defiance features an aggressive defense that allows you to survive and damage multiple enemies.

The greatsword balances both strength and dexterity, making it a good pair for many other combat weapons.

But of course this is not all! For all the changes this patch brings, see the full PTR notes here PTR subforum.

PTR client access

This special preview client will be available for download via the standalone New World Public Test Realm Steam app (which should already be in your Steam library if you own the main game). When the test period ends and the main New World game is updated and the content is introduced, the PTR world will be closed and deleted. You’ll still see the New World PTR app in your Steam library, but there won’t be any active servers until the next time we announce a public test.


After creating characters in the PTR, players will receive various equipment for special weapons and armor. Each reserve has a designation based on a general build and a primary attribute: CONS, DEX, INT, CONC, and STR.

To deal with the sudden appearance of new items, do not open all the supplies at once or you risk being overloaded! Instead, equip all the bags provided and open each cache at random. You can dispose of unwanted supplies or deposit them in your personal store.



Anyone who owns a copy of New World is automatically granted access to the secondary PTR application. The PTR is not compatible with live games, so you’ll need to download a separate client (and have the disk space to support it). From there we will make special worlds available in supported regions. Not all regions are initially supported. Access is on a first come, first served basis. There may be queues.


Unfortunately, no. They are separate ecosystems, so it is not possible now. To make testing easier, we will occasionally give our testers special benefits, such as: B. instant steps, special gear, etc.


Preview builds on the PTR are complete in core development and in the final stages of testing and bug fixing. Our main focus at this stage is to improve quality, but we also welcome any feedback you give us.


Our policies and code of conduct also apply to the PTR, and in-game moderation is still supported. Unfortunately, due to the temporary and potentially unstable nature of the PTR, general customer support will not be available via live chat and the support website.


Don’t worry, we are not offended. Players can hide the New World Public Test Realm from the Steam library. If you open the game options (right click > manage) you will find the “Hide the game” function.

Thank you for your support and participation! See you in Aeternum!

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