People who need help can come to the dean’s center

With the start of Corona’s lockdown, Albertshöfer’s wife suddenly became a lot of vegetables. He spoke with Astrid Glos and together they developed the idea of ​​giving salad, tomatoes, peppers and more to those in need. The next campaign in December 2020 had the motto “Christmas in a shopping trolley”, the idea for this came from Pastor Gerhard Spöckl.

Other offers for the Kitzinger Tafel

Since then, the needy could collect fresh supplies twice a year. “An additional offer for the Kitzinger Tafel, which makes an important contribution to those in need,” emphasizes Astrid Glos.

The long lines that regularly form in front of the Dean’s Center show that the campaign is necessary and well received. Up to 150 participants were counted on the date of the last editions. You will not receive pre-packed boxes, but you can choose the groceries on site.

The event is normally held twice a year, but this year the organizers have planned a third event in the fall. It starts on September 30 at 10:30 am Volunteers will distribute food for about an hour.

which supports the action can put an envelope marked “vegetable box” in the donation basket at the church or transfer an amount to the account DE05790500000042067496, Sparkasse Mainfranken, reference “vegetable box”.

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