Overview of the Nautilus in the Maldives

Decide for yourself when you want breakfast, lunch or dinner? Sounds crazy, but it’s possible at The Nautilus exclusive in the Maldives. Island luxury can now also be booked at the Reisetopia hotel.

Without a doubt, the Maldives with its 26 atolls and more than 1,000 coral islands is part of one of the most beautiful paradises in the world. Some of the best luxury hotels are found on some of them. New to this portfolio is the Nautilus. This resort cannot be compared to any other resort in the Maldives. Here everything revolves around you – including the culinary clock. You can now find out what you can look forward to in this luxury hotel and what benefits you can expect when you book with Hotel Reisetopia!

Pure privacy with 26 beach and water villas

The Maldives is known as an island paradise mainly for its white sand beaches, countless blue lagoons and for a magnificent underwater world with colorful reefs. On the other hand, the Maldives also stands for an exclusive selection of the most beautiful luxury hotels. You can already book a large number of these hotels with many benefits through Reisetopia Hotels:

Dive into paradise and look forward to an unforgettable luxury stay with endless white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters. The Maldives should definitely be on everyone’s travel list. If you still decide on the great selection of hotels, we present a very special Reisetopia Hotels newcomer today: the Nautilus. No other hotel is connected to the sea like the Nautilius, and this is not only clear from the name.

Nautilus Maldives Ocean Villa Room

On this island they offer you a very special privacy with only 26 beach and water villas. Of course you live here abundantly in harmony with nature and can wake up every day with the first rays of the sun and the sound of the sea. Each villa is modern and open plan. While the beach villas welcome you directly to the beach, you can dive directly into the ocean from the water villas and admire the adjacent coral reef on a snorkeling tour.

Nautilus Maldives Ocean VillaPool

Each spacious villa also has a private pool with endless ocean views. During your stay, a personal butler service will take care of your well-being.

No opening or closing hours

A special feature, however, is the opening hours of the restaurants in the Nautilus – namely, none at all. In this luxury hotel you put your own day, so to speak. Would you like fresh waffles and eggs benedicts at 6pm? No problem, then your dinner will be breakfast. Or it can be the favorite pasta from the Italian at home? This is also no problem for the kitchen team, who will be happy to prepare your favorite dishes here on request during your vacation.

Nautilus Maldives Tim Restaurant

Those who are always looking to get to know new cultures can look forward to Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine in Zeytoun. At the Ocaso, on the other hand, Japanese and Latin American dishes are on the menu. Unlike many hotel restaurants in the Maldives, there is no specific dress code in the restaurants of the Nautilus. You just come when and how you feel most comfortable.

Resort at Nautilus Maldives

In addition, the luxury hotel naturally offers you a spa with soothing massages as well as a fitness center and a water sports center on the beach with many offers for young and old as well as diving and snorkeling courses.

Lots of benefits when booking through Reisetopia hotels

From now on you can not only convince yourself of the beauty of the Maldives, but also of this unique feel-good concept of the Nautilus. You can now book the luxury hotel with all the flexibility through Reisetopia Hotels, where you can expect the following benefits with every booking:

If you are still not completely convinced, you can read about the experiences of other customers on trustpilot.

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