Oktoberfest Munich: These are the news of Wiesn 2022 – Munich

If it has been three years since there was a Wiesn due to Corona, then the tension naturally increases: what is on offer this time, how do you get out of the mood? So it is not surprising that the traditional trip two days before the start of the Oktoberfest, where the innovations of the Wiesn are usually presented, this time is not only responsible Wiesn the boss and economic officer Clemens Baumgartner (CSU) present, but also Mayor Dieter. Reiter (SPD) and second mayor Katrin habenschaden (Greens). In addition, about 200 journalists, about three times more than before normal Oktoberfest. The interest is great.

First conclusion: It is good that there is finally another Wiesn this year. However, there was also a reason why he failed twice, and when Lord Mayor Reiter opened the trip with the following words: “Five months ago I would not have thought that I would be standing here”, then he also explains implicitly why it is in there actually no great innovation in Wiesn this year.

In normal years, these are exciting rides that always promise new dimensions of technical innovation and that also cost money that have to be brought in again. So it is not surprising that the showmen, who have earned almost nothing for three years and two strange Oktoberfests, did not take any risks. There would be three new rides, he said at the beginning of August at the first presentation of Oktoberfest 2022. The most spectacular with the somewhat complicated name “OktobVRfest-Virtual Reality”, a building with games on two levels and VR glasses for eight the players, then there is however, his application was removed.

The only thing left is the “balloon ride”, a “very family-friendly children’s carousel”, according to Baumgärtner, which raises its gondola a few meters and is placed right next to the classic toboggan which is more nerve-wracking. Second, there is “Circus-Circus”, an amusement ride with twelve rotating gondolas that float in undulating motion on long raised arms. What will be like, of course, could only be guessed at during the preview: the construction of the ride was not quite complete, so test drives were not possible.

Oktoberfest 2022: New attraction: the ride "Circus circus"...

New attraction: “Circus-Circus” ride…

(Photo: Florian Peljak)

Oktoberfest 2022:...and what "Game Jungle Archery"which Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner tries to do.

…and “archery in the forest” that Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner tries his hand at.

(Photo: Florian Peljak)

It seemed better with the third innovation: the “archery forest”, a shooting gallery without weapons, so to speak. Clemens Baumgärtner enthused: “Bows and arrows, but no Indians – we are politically correct!” The leader of the CSU parliamentary group in the City Hall, Manuel Pretzl, had to test, after all he is the professional director of the German hunting and fishing museum on Neuhauser Straße. He immediately hit the yellow, which in this case was the middle of the target. Black is on the edge of “Jungle Archery”. There, in turn, city council Wiesn Anja Berger from the Greens scored during the test shoot. Interesting color play.

With that, the new sensations in the showman zone were already over. Before that, Lord Mayor Reiter had the pleasure of explaining his definition of riding using the crinoline: “There are some that are nicer, faster, further. And there is the OB-Fahr-Kecke, in which I find myself. ” So the department is rather quiet, although the crinoline also has its drawbacks – “depends on whether you drive it in front of the beer tent or after”.

Oktoberfest 2022: In action for the first time: With the CT device, doctor Viktoria Bogner-Flatz can examine injured people in detail.

In action for the first time: With the CT device, Dr. Viktoria Bogner-Flatz can examine the injured in detail.

(Photo: Peter Kneffel/dpa)

In any case, the crinoline is one of the oldest Oktoberfest attractions ever. Why did he come this second time in the tour of the last Wiesn attractions? He had a new music podium, which probably no one except the musicians should have noticed. Here at least.

Another spectacular innovation is one that you don’t even want to know about “and that I wouldn’t want anyone to visit,” says Reiter. It is the mobile computed tomography in the Wiesn medical center. It was installed in the official courtyard of the festival site in the record time of just eight days; Doctors can now determine on the spot if a bleeding injury is associated with a cerebral hemorrhage and can therefore be fatal or not. The device thus prevents the necessary admission to a clinic and an intensive care unit. Reiter: “This is actually a real sensation for a popular festival.”

Oktoberfest 2022: Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter presents the collection of mallets that he and his predecessors have used since 1986 to tap the first beer barrier.

Mayor Dieter Reiter presented the collection of mallets that he and his predecessors used to tap the first beer barrier since 1986.

(Photo: Peter Kneffel/dpa)

Another gift was found in the tap box in the Schottenhamel chapter, where Dieter Reiter will work again on Saturday. The family of long-dead Wiesn City Councilor Hermann Memmel gave the city his collection of mallets, which the mayors used since 1986 to tap the first beer bar. They are neatly arranged on a large shelf, forming quite an impressive Memmel monument, one might say. And the collection is expandable.

What is really new in the culinary department is the “Wiesn Insel Cocktail Bar” by Angela Zettl-Nikolic diagonally opposite the Ferris wheel and three new tents. As there are: on the Oide Wiesn the Volkssänger tent “Schützenlisl” by Christine and Lorenz Stiftl, based on the old tent “Zur Schönheitskönigin” in the same place, and the “Münchner Stubn” to the left of the Löwenbräuzelt.

Oktoberfest 2022: Kathrin Wickenhäuser-Egger and Alexander Egger are the new hosts "Munich Stubn"...

Kathrin Wickenhäuser-Egger and Alexander Egger are the hosts of the new “Münchner Stubn”…

(Photo: Florian Peljak)

Oktoberfest 2022: ... and his colleague Peter Reichert present the new Bräurosl.

… and his colleague Peter Reichert presented the new Bräurosl.

(Photo: Florian Peljak)

Oktoberfest 2022: The new Bräurosl shines with light.

The new Bräurosl shines with light.

(Photo: Florian Peljak)

It resembles the old tent “Zum Stiftl” in terms of floor plan and structure and is run by the host couple Kathrin Wickenhäuser-Egger and Alexander Egger, who adapted it well to the hotel “Münchner Stubn” at the main station. theme. in concept and decoration.

Then there are the new Bräurosl tents from Donisl owner Peter Reichert, who used to have the “Beauty Queen” at the Oidn Wiesn. The tent has become bright and light, it seems bigger than the old one, although it still offers space for 8250 guests inside and outside. Spectacular innovation that you can’t see: the line of beer from the containers no longer runs on the floor, but is hidden in the gallery. The old principle proves correct again: All good things come from above.

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