Not a single day off for six years

Morschach Dorfladä is something of a meeting point for young and old. What it came about thanks to Monica Demisch, who took over the shop on May 1, 2016. She saved this shopping and meeting place for the villagers of then The friendly and courteous business woman has even expanded her range massively, so that today everything for daily use and beyond can be found here.

Monica Demisch was particularly committed to selling local products. IG Morschach (women farmers of the region) enrich the offer with cheeses, jams, syrups, vinegars and more. Monica Demisch also found time to offer homemade goods and ran a small cafe in addition to the shop.

The woman works tirelessly and has grown fond of customers over the years. He responded to customer requests and also procured items that were not in the range. Many people kept wondering how this woman managed to stand alone in the shop from morning to night and still serve everyone in a friendly manner. “I haven’t had a vacation since May 1, 2016,” he said modestly. That was not all: the shop was open every day. Only Wednesday and Sunday afternoons were his days of rest. That means he didn’t have a single day off for six years.

“I did not have a successor problem. It was not difficult to find a successor, especially because the Dorfladä has a very good reputation beyond the region,” says Monica Demisch. So yesterday Tuesday he could say goodbye to his business with mixed feelings. Monica Demisch handed over the business to Marlene Stössel from Brunner: “It is also a career change and also from the hospitality industry.”

“I can finally pursue my hobbies. At some point in the future I will definitely go on a long vacation again.”Monica DemishRan the village shop for six years

Monica Demisch was given a touching farewell yesterday. Many farmers thanked the sellers with flowers and gifts. The entire Morschach school (about 70 children) came and pleased them and those present with a song. Visibly touched, he thanked all the customers who have remained loyal to him over the years.

Monica Demisch will not be bored in the future: “I can finally pursue my hobbies. At some point in the future I will definitely go on a long vacation again».

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