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Even greater transparency

“As expected, the first provisional results presented today by experts show no signs of speculation in Austria’s largest energy supplier – Wien Energie. The documents analyzed so far have shown that all energy market transactions served only to protect customers The chaos on the market could not have been predicted on this “Black Friday”, which is why Wien Energie had no alternative course of action. I am happy that the clarification is working at full speed and I am confident that The final report will also show that everything went correctly,” said SPÖ club president Josef Taucher.

Bettina Emmerling, president of the NEOS club Vienna, adds: “It is gratifying that the external auditors are now examining the complex processes in detail. In addition to the audits of the Federal Audit Office and the City, these are necessary measures to put everything on the table and restore trust Viennese at Wien Energie.”

the next steps

The leaders of the two factions of the Viennese government also announced further steps for greater transparency in the city. Josef Taucher: “We will do even more to promote transparency and information. I see this as our mission to involve the population even more. As the chairperson of the municipal utility subcommittee, it is my responsibility to convene it more often so that information can be exchanged more quickly in the future.”

Specifically, the following points will be ready for decision in the coming weeks:

  • Enforcement of the right of interpellation: The right to ask questions is an important democratic political instrument, especially for the opposition. In the future, this right to ask questions should also include the activities of city councils within the scope of their control and the right to information vis-à-vis legal entities subject to the control of the City Audit Office, as long as they do not contradict the company. provisions of law. This further expands parliamentary rights in terms of more transparency.
  • Public Corporate Governance Code: The Coalition of Progress formulates uniform minimum standards for public corporate governance codes and company reports in the city of Vienna. These reports are understandable and should be published regularly. The goal is to control the perception of the common functions of the City of Vienna more clearly, to make the actions of the municipality more transparent and to avoid conflicts of roles and interests.
  • Strengthening of the municipal utility subcommittee: The role of the subcommittee on Wiener Stadtwerke should be strengthened. This means that the sub-committee will be convened more frequently and regularly in the future and representatives of the Wiener Stadtwerke will be available for committee members to answer their questions.
  • State Parliament Compliance Officer: In order to anchor the compliance regulations even more firmly in the Vienna State Parliament and to design and monitor the guidelines in a uniform manner, especially regarding possible conflicts of interest, the role of a compliance officer for the Vienna State Parliament was created. His work will develop a code of conduct with all state parliament clubs.

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