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Urs Weber, Austria Market Manager at Swiss Tourism todayWednesday, September 14, 2022 News from the Swiss boutique town before during Flurina Manser from Bern Welcome, provides all the information about the destination Bern “where the clocks tick a little slower than elsewhere”.

Swiss cities not only impress with their physical proximity – nowhere else are attractions, culture, restaurants, insider tips and shopping so close together – but also constantly offer travelers new attractions such as e-bike tours to public works of art or in the southern area. shores of Lake Constance, introductory courses in the art of watches or new cycling routes – and always just a stone’s throw away from the picturesque Swiss mountains. Here’s an overview of the latest news from the Swiss shopping city:

Bern: where clocks run slow

The clocks tick a little slower in Bern than elsewhere: Bernese people like to take their time to walk, chat and enjoy. It is worth doing the same, changing down a gear and experiencing the charm of the federal city – a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983 – and the destination as a whole. The newest attractions of the destination include the first four cycling routes in Switzerland. The adventure-inspired place of e-bike circular travel invites guests to take their time to immerse themselves in history and learn more about local specialties.
But Bern also has a lot to offer culturally, which overnight guests can explore for free with the Bern Ticket. For example, many nationally important museums and major international exhibitions are available to visitors in Bern.

Zurich: New District & E-Bike Tour

Where you used to see mostly desert on both sides of the tracks when you approached the main station on a train, a completely new picture appears today: one pearl of architecture follows the next. And this is the first discovery of all discoveries that can be made in Europaallee and Zollstrasse. Because of the people who work, study and live there who have given a new life to their new district with a lot of creativity, invention and dedication.

In addition, a new e-bike tour of some of the city’s public works of art – and there are about 1,300 of them – will also be offered in Zurich. The bike tour lasts a total of 2 1/4 hours and takes place every Saturday from May to October.

Lucerne: Soloist among the music cities

Lucerne has had a strong connection with (classical) music for a long time. Famous composers such as Richard Wagner, Sergej Rachmaninoff and Arturo Toscanini stayed temporarily on Lake Lucerne and composed parts of their works here. The City of Lights has always had an inspiring effect on composers and artists.

Lucerne is now one of the strongholds for classical music, made possible by its first-class institutions such as the KKL Luzern, the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra and the Lucerne Festival. The interest group “Musikstadt Luzern” wants to strengthen this further. The initiators are actively working together to enable an even better experience for locals and guests.

St. Gallen: New cycling experience in the city of fabric

In June 2022, 18 Swiss tourism organizations and seven cantons launched the joint project “RheinWelten”. The new e-bike experience is a gastronomic journey from the source of the Rhine to Basel, thus connecting the existing Veloland Schweiz “Rhine – Route 2” with the regions more than 435 km , cultural and culinary highlights in 15 worlds of adventure.

St. Gallen is also the heart of Swiss textiles. Not only because of its long, eventful history in the textile industry, but also because of its current position as a place where skill, quality and creativity meet together with pioneering innovation to lead the textile industry worldwide into a sustainable future. This year, the association Textilland Schweiz has put together new offers to make the textile heritage tangible. For example, interested parties offer sewing workshops or guided tours where they can learn more about the textile city of St. Gallen.

Basel: Art in public space

Basel is the Swiss city of art par excellence. The largest art museum and the Art Basel art fair testify to this. But young artists don’t have to hide either. Like the young artist duo Cicolupo – Filip Wolfensberger and Pascal Martinoli. The duo specializes in creating impressive works of art from scrap metal. Many of Cicolupo’s works are somewhat reminiscent of the works of Swiss artist Jean Tinguely. The painter and sculptor is considered one of the great Swiss artists and the main representative of kinetic art.

In addition to these works of public art, a new experience enriches Basel’s art offer. The free ARTour app. With the digital works of art in various places in Basel on the mobile phone screen come to life. The tour passes ten works of art, lasts about 90 minutes and can be finished at any time.

Geneva: Introductory course in the art of watchmaking

Geneva is the international capital of luxury watches. Where, if not here, can visitors get to know the art of the watch better? The Initium workshop offers several introductory courses, creating a unique experience that will be remembered. Under the expert guidance of talented watchmakers, visitors learn the different work steps involved in watch manufacturing. This also includes fine work such as engraving or chamfering.

Lugano: Dolce Vita in Mediterranean Switzerland

Lugano is the city in the very south of Switzerland and the Mediterranean soul of the country. The metropolis with moderate climate is located directly on Lago di Lugano and is surrounded by wooded hills and mountains. In addition, Lugano is nestled between the local mountains S an Salvatore and Monte Brè. The last two can be explored in the same day and have the same time for a tour of the city in between. A visit to the region would not be complete without a boat trip on Lake Lugano and a tour of the lakeside villages. These include the romantic and ancient fishing villages of Gandria and Morcote, voted “Switzerland’s most beautiful village” in 2016.

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