News 15 September: The EU prevents Russia from circumventing sanctions on Turkey, the new head of the IMF mission in Ukraine | robotic message

This is a machine translation of an article from Online newspaper Ekonomichna Pravda. The translation was not checked or edited and the spelling of the name and geographical designation does not match that elsewhere. Ukraine news use convention.

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About Turkey. there United States and the European Union is increasing pressure on Turkey to end its circumvention of anti-Russian sanctions amid fears that the country’s banking sector is a potential backdoor for illegal financing.

On International Monetary Fund. The resident representative of International Monetary Fund in Ukraine, Vahram Stepanyan, announced that Gavin Gray was appointed head of International Monetary Fund-Mission in Ukraine was appointed. He helped establish relations with Iraq, there International Monetary Fund provide funds for the reconstruction of the country after a devastating war.

On the business. That BABY announced that two companies (one directly owned by a “well-known Ukrainian businessman”, the other indirectly) are involved in the system particularly large-scale tax evasion – according to Ekonomichna Pravda, they are the companies of Olexander Yaroslavsky.

Regarding sanctions. The Kazakh foreign minister, Mukhtar Tleuberdi, said the country is consulting with the US government and the European Commission to avoid falling under secondary sanctions.

About the ports. The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, believes that exporting Russian ammonia through the Togliatti (Russia) ammonia pipeline to Odessa will help ensure the “grain deal” that Russia threatens to break.

Exclusive Ekonomichna Pravda

Football clubs have had a record summer of transfers. How were the players signed for the Ukrainian Premier League during the war?

How world clubs bought and sold players this summer and how the Ukrainian team strengthened their squad in the conditions of the great war. The main thing from FIFA– Report to Transfermarkt Portal.

50% of the budget – for the war. What will Ukraine live in 2023?

What the Government has planned in the country’s budget for the next year, which items of expenditure have been eliminated, where one gets a trillion for defense and how to fill the treasury during the war…

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