Nathalie Bleicher-Woth has disturbing news about her baby

Concerns for “Baby L”

Nathalie Bleicher-Woth: Your baby is in the intensive care unit

Nathalie Bleicher-Woth's baby is here - but there's cause for concern.

Nathalie Bleicher-Woth’s baby is here – but there’s cause for concern.

nathalie_bw / Instagram

“Baby L” is here, but in intensive care

Baby Nathalie Bleicher-Woth in intensive care.

Baby Nathalie Bleicher-Woth in intensive care.

nathalie_bw / Instagram

It’s a dramatic update that Nathalie Bleicher-Woth is giving her followers. “Baby L is here. We are in the neonatal intensive care unit. Things are looking better now,” he wrote on a black background.

He thanks you for the many nice messages he has received. Many followers were very concerned when Nathalie suddenly stopped reporting and also made her Instagram profile picture neutral. Former Eva Benetatou (30), former resident of “Summer House of the Stars”, who shared her fears about Nathalie and her child in her own Insta story. “These thoughts will not leave me alone,” he confessed.

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In the video: worried about baby Nathalie Bleicher-Woth

Caring for Nathalie Bleicher-Woth's baby in labor

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In the middle of work

Take care of Nathalie Bleicher-Woth’s baby


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“I hope you understand that my child is just my priority”

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