Mark Zuckerberg became a father for the third time

Mark Zuckerberg let the public share in his private happiness: the entrepreneur is expecting his third child.

Mark Zuckerberg has been married to his partner Priscilla since 2012. Since then, the couple have become parents to two children. Apparently, family planning didn’t end there.

Now, Zuckerberg is announcing the big news on Instagram: baby number three is on the way. In a snapshot, the couple smiles happily at the camera while the 38-year-old puts his hand on the pediatrician’s stomach. “A lot of love. We are happy to announce that Max and August will have another little sister next year! “They wrote in the post.

“Ah, such good news”

In an hour, Zuckerberg gathered more than 166,000 likes on social networks with the announcement of the baby. In addition, many users congratulated in the comment column. “Ah, such good news. Congratulations” or “I am very happy for you” are written there, among other things.

The Facebook founder and his wife already have two daughters. Maxima was born in 2015, August’s second child was born two years later.

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