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20/09/2022 – 12:00 pm

Kathy Bates, Alan Arkin and Teyana Taylor have joined the cast of ‘The Smack’.

The trio stars in the upcoming film, which will also star Marisa Tomei, Casey Affleck and Isabel May.

David M. Rosenthal is directing the project, which is scheduled to begin filming in Los Angeles later this fall. The filmmaker co-wrote the screenplay with Keith Kjarval, and Sam Rockwell produced the film. “The Smack” centers on a con man (Affleck) who hits rock bottom before he meets an aspiring businesswoman (Taylor). After being tipped off by an experienced con artist (Arkin), the two head to LA to start the biggest scam of their lives, but soon discover they’re not just out for the money. As the scam unfolds, the man cannot tell whether he and the woman are actually falling in love or falling for the final scam. “Working with David and Keith on ‘A Single Shot’ was a unique experience because of David’s keen artistic vision as a filmmaker and Keith’s leadership as a producer,” Rockwell said in a statement. Bates previously won an Academy Award for Best Actress for portraying Annie Wilkins in the 1990 film ‘Misery’ and has also played supporting roles in films such as ‘Waterboy’ and ‘Titanic’.

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