Kate Moss launches new wellness brand Cosmoss

Supermodel and businesswoman Kate Moss joins the long list of celebrities who have developed their own beauty lines – launching her own wellness brand ‘Cosmoss’ in September. The brand is based on life experiences, on self-acceptance, balance and health.

Cosmetics and care products are a popular business segment for celebrities. Gwyneth Paltrow, Kourtney Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, Holly Willoughby and others have done the same and started their own beauty brands. In an Instagram post, the top model revealed more about Cosmoss – what exactly, STYLEBOOK summarizes for you.

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Cosmoss uses Instagram as a marketing platform

Kate Moss announced the launch of her own wellness brand on her Instagram account. In a new black and white video, which sees the supermodel naked, she invites her followers to follow her in her cossmoss. All they know now is that each product contains natural ingredients and is said to open the door to balance and love. The release of the first products is scheduled for early September 2022. As Daily Mail reports, the range includes creams, lotions, skin oils and a detox tea.

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He continues: “Cosmoss is self-care, designed for the modern journey of life, to celebrate each day—as it is, with all its imperfections. All products are carefully crafted, and each ritual opens the door to balance, restoration and love.”

Kate Moss lifestyle through the ages

In her youth, Kate led an unhealthy lifestyle, but for the past four years she has abstained from any form of drugs. The former party girl has replaced partying with Netflix in the evenings. It also depends on getting enough sleep and extensive yoga sessions in the morning.

As for work, Moss is mainly focused on building his own model agency, his most famous model to date is his daughter Lila. In July, Kate Moss was also appointed creative director of Diet Coke to celebrate the drink’s 40th anniversary.

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– Kate Moss ‘is to beat tea boxes for £21 by saying they protect the body from toxins as she prepares to rival Gwyneth Paltrow with her Cosmoss wellness brand’, Daily Mail.
– Cosmoss home page

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