Julian Claßen: News about Bibi

They shared their whole lives with their followers – and they had a lot of it. Bibi (29) and Julian Classen (29) were the dream couple of the German influence scene. On Instagram alone, @bibisbeautypalace is followed by more than eight million fans, who have received regular updates on the seemingly perfect family life of the two Internet stars and their children.

Radio silence in Bibi Classen

Then in May the shock: Bibi and Julian announced that they would not continue together anymore. “I’ll make it short and painless: Yes, it’s true, Bibi and I broke up. Bibi broke up,” Julian told his followers. The photos appeared in which Bibi kissed another, and shortly after she added: “Yes, we are not together anymore. Of course, the children are always and always our highest priority. I would like to ask for your understanding even though everyone needs them. privacy.” But then a radical change in image: on Instagram, otherwise Bibi in the ground suddenly presented himself mega-sexy for a very short time, showing a lot of skin, but then completely disappeared into oblivion. There has been radio silence on his profile since late May. Fans are worried.

Julian Classen has news

Now Julian Claßen, who is now happily in a relationship again, has calmed his wife’s followers. On the sidelines of Children’s Day 2022 in Berlin, the star assured ‘Promiflash’ that the education of the two children is going well and that their new living arrangements suit everyone well. “From what I can tell he’s doing very well. We’re very happy with how he is now.”

Julian’s happiness is evident, however, as he brought his new girlfriend, swimmer Tanja Makarić, 25, to Children’s Day – their first red carpet appearance together. Apparently the two are serious. Julian Claßen said that he even met his parents.

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