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Now the hydrogen pulse is coming to Germany – in the true sense of the word. A few days ago, the first delivery of H2 tests from Dubai arrived at the port of Hamburg. The hydrogen was supplied by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and shipped in the form of ammonia. In the current issue of FUCHS H2-Invest, we presented you in detail the great potential of this chemical. In this sector alone, there are many companies that will open new business opportunities with the globally emerging hydrogen economy.

The buyer of the first hydrogen released in Germany is Aurubis. The metal company will use hydrogen in the energy-intensive production of its copper wire. For Aurubis, the H2 is a good alternative to intensive natural gas production. The company can make its production process more climate-neutral. In the future, even “green” hydrogen produced from renewable energy will be used. It remains to be seen how the test will end and what the overall ecological balance including the H2 transport chain will look like.

EU has a sensible idea

We are also seeing a positive impetus for the hydrogen economy from the European Union. The European Union Parliament wants to change a regulation that has so far slowed the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy. According to this, the electricity needed for the production of H2 should also be able to be transported through the normal electrical grid. The German CDU MP Markus Pieper submitted the application for this.

If they reach an agreement, it would be a real breakthrough. After all, it has so far been regulated that this electricity must come from new and specially created sources. This has limited power generation capacity to a few sources (eg new wind turbines). Apparently, the European Union – in the face of the electricity crisis – has recognized how useless and cumbersome this regulation is. The Chinese proverb that every crisis also has opportunities seems to be true for the H2 economy here – if the advance is successful.


Progress is being made in establishing and expanding the hydrogen economy. The war in Ukraine and the resulting structural disruption in the energy market (and EU sanctions) will strengthen the H2 economy. We see similar developments in other countries. I believe that investors in this segment are at the beginning of a long growing megatrend. I wish you interesting and profitable reading

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Stefan Ziermann

editor in chief, Fox Letters Editor

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