How SpVgg Kaufbeuren is planning its future – news from Kaufbeuren

The first fireplace evening since the pandemic epidemic was about the financial situation and possible cooperation. There is also personal news.

These meetings are not a matter of course, said the spokesman of the advisory board Rudi Schnippe in the first fire chat of the game association. Kaufbeuren since the epidemic corona pandemic. He thanked the club members, representatives of the supporting associations and sponsors for coming.

New coaching and reinforcement in marketing introduced

The focus of the SVK meeting at the Hotel Goldener Hirsch was on questions about the current situation of the association. Initially, Dr. Peter Rohlmann gave a lecture on football development (we report). Then the new coach of the women’s team, Isabel Didita, and Marco Steiner, who will strengthen the marketing department in the future, were introduced.

Exploiting the potential of women’s soccer

The spokesperson of the Board of Directors, Gerhard Bucher, explained to the members the details of the investment in personnel. The new coach will exploit the potential of women’s soccer. This is an important step towards expansion. “There is still a lot of room for improvement in marketing,” said Bucher. Many posts are not yet filled.

He is very satisfied with the current team. He thinks a promotion to the national league and the first team is quite possible. The players are motivated and talented, it’s just a matter of budget. Bucher emphasized: “We have an atmosphere that I have rarely experienced.” However, it is also important to reduce the gap between the first and second teams in order to maintain motivation.

Changes in the hook to be expanded

The finances of the club are stable, but the investments are also a problem here, such as the expansion of the changing rooms. Here he feels let down in politics, criticizes Bucher. Energy costs are hitting clubs hard, and volunteer fees for coaches are too low. That doesn’t even cover the price of petrol.

Him too

Football SpVgg Kaufbeuren and BSK Neugablonz

A city derby that should not be one – the duel of the second

In any case, the number of volunteers has fallen sharply due to the pandemic, and the position of coach is becoming increasingly difficult.

Expand sponsorship network

Recorded success in sponsor network expansion. Bucher said that when making an acquisition, you must keep in mind that you are “not only a petitioner”, but that you are also offering companies a good platform.

Bucher suggests working together in the future. “If we want to have a chance against the bigger cities in the medium and long term, both clubs in Kaufbeur – BSK and SVK – must work together.” Finally, there was an invitation to all members of the club: there will be a special atmosphere. in the game on Saturday, October 29. dominated against SVO Germaringen, promised Bucher.

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