Hollow Knight Sequel is coming to PlayStation!

Hollow Knight is one of the oldest Metroidvanias in the last few years: the 2017 from the Australian developer studio Team Cherry The published game found fans all over the world with its large world, charming characters, outstanding art style and captivating combat system and it is not for nothing that it ended up in our buying guide of the best Metroidvanias.

It is no wonder that the joy was great when Team Cherry officially announced the successor Silksong with a trailer on Valentine’s Day 2019. But since then he was brave: information about the original as for HollowKnight DLC is only planned to arrive during the day. With the recent announcement, however, you have all the platforms for Silksong together.

Reason for joy for Sony fans: Hornet also lands on PlayStation!

When it was originally announced in 2019, only the platforms were initially mentioned for Silksong Nintendo Switch and the PC – just like Hollow Knight, which landed quite a bit later on PlayStation and Xbox. Meanwhile, Team Cherry’s work seems to be well known and popular enough for all players to join Silksong. release to be able to enjoy.

Hollow Knight: Silksong: Trailer finally shows off new gameplay!

Back in June, an Xbox showcase revealed that Hollow Knight: Silksong will also find a home on Microsoft’s console on launch day, and now PlayStation has finally caught up: On twitter it was officially announced that the successor to Metroidvania will also be on there PlayStation 4 and 5 will appear. Unfortunately there was no more information in the PlayStation Mobile app but there are at least some new screen surface.

When will Hollow Knight: Silksong be released?

Consequently there is Hollow Knight: Silksong about three and a half years after its announcement, there is still no concrete one release period let alone an appointment – at least in theory. Because with the announcement that the independent title will be available in Game Pass on the day of launch, Xbox, strictly speaking, specified a release period for Silksong.

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