Have you seen Diamond Baby? Paris Hilton’s expensive pet has gone missing

Businessman DJ, Model, Socialite and Owner Roblox Corporation (NYSE:RBLX) ‘Paris World’ is desperate for its dog.

Diamond Baby, a Chihuahua Hilton has had since 2016 who is ‘like a daughter’ to her, has been missing since September 14.

In the middle of a move, Hilton suspected that one of the movers might have left a door open, allowing Diamond Baby to escape while Hilton was busy on a photo shoot.

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what happened: Initially at a loss, Hilton took to Instagram on Monday to update her 20.3 million followers on Diamond Baby’s escape, posting a message with a series of photos and video clips.

Family and friends of the Hilton hotel heir helped Hilton search his neighborhood – without success. Hilton also hired a number of experts to help her search, including a pet detective, a dog whisperer, and an animal psychologist. He is also working on drones designed to track dogs,” Hilton said in her post.

Hilton was initially “scared to give a hunter wanted for Diamond Baby.” “People can be mean and I am concerned for their safety,” Hilton wrote.


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“Anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet will understand the pain I feel,” Hilton said.

If Diamond Baby is found, Hilton will want to have the dog checked out by a veterinarian. For emergencies and routine care, pet owners can purchase pet insurance to protect themselves.

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For Hilton, the search continues to bring Diamond Baby home safely. Anyone who thinks they have seen the dog can email finddiamondbaby@gmail.com.

“There will be a great reward for his return and there will be no questions asked,” Hilton said.

Photo: Created from an image by Philip Nelson on flickr

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