Great security just in Essen with lots of news

The security fair of “Security” starts in Essen on Tuesday. Around 400 companies from all over the world. What innovations do they have in their luggage.

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Essen security starts on Tuesday

The security market turned over 24 billion dollars last year in Germany alone. So the need for more security is there. From Tuesday to Friday, around 400 exhibitors will present their innovations at the Rüttenscheid trade fair. Among other things, there is a special pepper spray. If you use this, an emergency contact stored on the mobile phone is automatically called. In addition, the exact location is passed through GPS. Another company shows a fire and gun protection film for cars and buildings.

Fair security in Essen for trade visitors

There are also anti-terrorist bollards that are also supposed to stop a speeding truck, a palm vein scanner that allows contactless identification without putting on your hands, an alarm system with a dog watch and safes hidden invisible in designer furniture. Companies from 36 countries come to the security fair. It is for trade visitors only.

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