“Goodbye Germany” star Jenny Matthias talks about their tragic loss

A few weeks ago, “Goodbye Germany” stars Jennifer Matthias and Achim Thiesen said yes in Mallorca. The emigrant now spoke to BUNTE.de about her life as a wife and the courses of fate that connect the two.

Jenny Matthias and Achim Thiesen have known each other for many years. She owns the shoe shop next to her shop “Jenny Delüx”. The two had been friends for a long time and Achim was even married to a good friend of Jenny’s. In 2019, the 35-year-old maid of honor was at the wedding at the time. However, only two years after the wedding, Achim’s wife died of cancer. Like Jens Büchner († 49), Jenny’s ex-boyfriend. So who knows better how such a tragic loss feels? “Our fates connect us in a way,” said the “Goodbye Germany” star to BUNTE.de.

“Goodbye Germany” star Jenny Matthias: “We are totally happy”

On August 19, 2022, Jenny Matthias and Achim swore eternal fidelity to each other. A month after the civil wedding, BUNTE.de asked how married life was going so far. “It feels very good. It’s still a bit unreal because I have a different family name now, but we are totally happy,” said the 35-year old.

In addition, the emigrant tells us that the preparations for the free wedding are underway. The appointment calendar is strictly scheduled with appointments related to floral decorations, name cards and seating arrangements. The bride and groom already have their wedding dresses and suits.

In addition to the celebration, the two are looking forward to their next trip: “We are flying to London for a few days in November for the Abba concert.” Jenny is a big fan of Swedish group bee connected.”

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