German MMORPG Albion Online shows upcoming content

MMORPG developer Albion Online provided some new information about plans for the next content update in the latest dev update and solo players in particular are excited.

Why are solo players happy? Albion Online talked about the upcoming content update in the Dev Update. In the comments on YouTube, the graphical overhaul of “Streets of Avalon” and especially the new solo content were well received.

That’s what the players say:

  • Guilherme Rodrigues: “I’m really looking forward to new solo content […]!”
  • Kian Santang Kusumah: “Good job Sandbox Interactive, the graphic update really looks like another game, hopefully it won’t be too difficult for mobile.”
  • Lymhurst Loonie Boys: “Looks great and this is great news for solo players and those of us who love the streets of Avalon. Thanks for all your hard work! “

Albion Online presents the Mists

What new solo content will there be? The new content will include an environment called “The Mists” with gameplay intended to be a mix of solo PvE and PvP.

What are the characteristics of nebulae? According to Sandbox Interactive, the new environment is said to be the most magical area in Albion to date and will feature new music and new creatures (via

According to the developers, access to the Mists should be a “network of unpredictable, temporary connections”. The entries in the fog will therefore appear randomly and for a limited time. In addition, each entry into the new environment should only grant access to one player and then disappear.

The City of Fog: Also in the Mists is the city of fog. This is intended to serve as a hub for trading and other activities, as well as a base for advanced solo players and small groups.

The city has no fixed location and is described by developers as “floating in the mists”. According to the developers, it offers direct access to the roads of Avalon and the mists, but also to other smaller content.

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The streets of Avalon are getting a graphic overhaul

What’s changing on Avalon’s roads? Sandbox Interactive says they are responding to player feedback and will make the following changes to the streets of Avalon in the next update:

  • The roads are also getting a graphic overhaul
  • Streets should be geared more towards small group gameplay
  • It should be easier to build shelters on the streets
  • It should become more difficult to control all regions
  • High-value areas will be harder to control, making street exploration “more competitive and interesting.”
  • Rewards get more focus on group play

What do you think about the proposed plans for Albion Online? Do you like that new content has been added for solo players? Write it for us here on MeinMMO in the comments!

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