Ehrenberg Fort: The History Books Need Rewriting

Ehrenberg’s founder’s castle is bigger than previously thought. During excavation work, they revealed a different shape and size than those listed in the literature. The books are now being rewritten.

REUTTE Armin Walch is very enthusiastic. Managing director Burgenwelt Ehrenberg was surprised, like other experts, at what was brought out. In the course of the renovation work on Ehrenberg, part of the wall was discovered, which, after exact verification, leaves only one conclusion: the southern half of the founding castle of Ehrenberg has a completely different form than previously published. A small sensation that made experts sit up and take notice.

Experts are surprised

In the course of the renovation work, more and more of the history of the fort was brought to light, evaluated and accordingly presented and documented. What the layman can hardly classify arouses the greatest interest among experts.

Core area larger than assumed

In technical jargon it reads like this: “Since the oldest part of the south wall today in the castle complex has opus spicatum that can also be found in the Palas, the south wall is also part of the original structure of the castle. However, it . it can only be added to a second building, since it is smaller according to the joints. However, its mortar is almost identical to that of construction phase 1. The wall, which was apparently added to a second lot of construction, is only approximately. brick in the west, since this wall was only visible in the far valley of the valley; The south side facing visitors castle, on the other hand, is better done and provided with opus spicatum. After the stone and therefore runs diagonally, it widens the basic area by 4.0-8.0 m. Undoubtedly it was intended to better protect the south side which is in danger.”
Armin Walch summed it all up in simple words: “The Urburg Ehrenberg was significantly larger than we previously assumed!”

Previous literature is not applicable

After evaluating the new findings south of the castle, it is therefore essential not only to question the previous literature on the early history of the Ehrenberg castle, but also to evaluate it as largely incorrect and refute it, Walch states.
And what you can deduce from this as a non-expert: Ehrenberg is something very special, always good for surprises and always worth a visit.

Better informed

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