Demolition of Sant Collini office tower delayed – SWR Aktuell

The former technical town hall at the Collini Center Mannheim will not be demolished in the autumn as planned. The reason for this is a lack of approval from the city.

The owner “Deutsche Wohnwerte” from Heidelberg actually wanted to start demolishing the old technical town hall in the Collini center in the fall. For this, the investor needs a demolition permit. However, the city has not yet granted this.

Important documents for demolition are missing

The necessary documents are still missing, a city spokesperson told SWR. According to “Deutsche Wohnwerte” these documents should be available in full by the end of September. As soon as the office tower is demolished, work on the new building will begin. The owners of the neighboring residential tower in the Collini Center will be informed as soon as the permit is available.

Collini-Center: office tower gives way, residential tower remains

The Collini Center in Mannheim was inaugurated for the Federal Horticultural Show in 1975 and consists of a residential building with shops and a swimming pool. Next to it is now the dilapidated office tower, which housed the technical town hall of the city of Mannheim. This is now housed in the district Glückstein in the district Lindenhof. A new high-rise to be built in place of the old Collini office tower.

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