Cologne slipped to fourth place

A large 81 German cities are tested every year by the digital industry association Bitkom: In order to win the award for “the smartest city”, categories such as “energy and environment”, “IT and communication”, “mobility” and ” society” are examined. An old friend finished in first place in the ranking, a total of four cities in the top 10 in NRW.

This year, the free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg once again defends its top position in the “Smart City Index” of the industry association Bitkom. The Bitkom ranking evaluates the progress made in the digitization of major German cities. The association announced on Tuesday in Berlin Hamburg’s clear lead from the previous year has dissolved. Hamburg defended their lead with 86.1 out of a possible 100 points, followed by Munich for the first time with 85.3 points. Dresden finished in third place with 81.6 points.

Not quite as smart anymore: Cologne slips to fourth place

Last year’s second place, Cologne, took fourth place with 79.4 points. Karlsruhe slipped from third place to 14th place (73.5 points). New to the top ten are Nuremberg (6th, 77.6 points), Aachen (7th, 77.3 points) and Düsseldorf (9th, 76.6 points). Each of these three cities moved ten places. The top 10 is completed by Stuttgart (5th, 78.1 points), Bochum (8th, 77.0 points) and Darmstadt (10th, 75.3 points). Berlin finished 11th with 75 points.

  • Number 1 of the “smartest city” in Germany: Hamburg
  • 2nd place among the “smartest cities” in Germany: Munich
  • Third place among the “smartest cities” in Germany: Dresden
  • 4th place among the “smartest cities” in Germany: Cologne (down from 2nd place)
  • 5th place among the “smartest cities” in Germany: Stuttgart
  • 6th place among the “smartest cities” in Germany: Nuremberg (new in the top 10)
  • 7th place among the “smartest cities” in Germany: Aachen (new in the top 10)
  • 8th place among the “smartest cities” in Germany: Bochum
  • 9th place in the “smartest city” in Germany: Düsseldorf (new in the top 10)
  • 10th place among the “smartest cities” in Germany: Darmstadt

For the Smart City Index, they examined all 81 cities in Germany with a population of more than 100,000 people. Bitkom Research recorded, checked and classified a total of almost 11,000 data points. They analyzed five areas of administration, IT and communication, energy and environment, mobility and society. For example, parameters such as online citizen services, sharing offers and environmental sensors up to broadband availability are included in the evaluation.

Criticism of the ranking of the smartest cities in Germany

Bitkom President Achim Berg said, “The success factor for a Smart City is an engaged city, a digital strategy, clear structure, a strong local network and the commitment of the population. The index is not without controversy among the municipalities. Last year , the city of Moers complained about a bad place in the ranking.For example, Bitkom counted administrative services as “non-digital” that a municipality belonging to the district could not offer at all, such as digital car registration.


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