Celebrity parade in dirndls and lederhosen: Cathy Hummels invites you to stroll through the Oktoberfest.

Lately, there hasn’t been much time for loitering. Once again, Cathy Hummels was a busy businesswoman – and of course a race mother.

On Monday, the 34-year-old was invited to his annual Oktoberfest event at Café Kaiserschmarrn. “We love life” was the motto of “Wiesn promenade”. The fight against depression, but above all the de-taboo of the disease, Cathy Hummels made it a priority. He is proud of it. “It could be everyone.”

Cathy Hummels wears a dirndl bow on the left again for the first time

Cathy Hummels stood in front of an almost empty wardrobe this morning: “I only own three dirndls myself. I give away all the others.”

The presenter and influencer wears the dirndl bow on the left for the first time in many years. Cathy Hummels is single, her marriage to footballer Mats Hummels failed. However, the relationship with the former is still good – if only because of their son (4). The old couple will not wash their dirty laundry in public. Private issues and differences of opinion are discussed between Dortmund and Munich. “Mats is taking care of Ludwig today,” said Cathy quite naturally to AZ. A short time later, Cathy receives a message on her cell phone. Is the Hummels walk going well? Sure.

VIP guests at Wiesn Almauftrieb 2022 are celebrating their return to the Käfer tent.

Punk, couple and patchwork: Wiesn celebrities celebrate animal drives in the Käfer tent


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Did Sebastian Pufpaff make sure that controversial hit on the first day of October "Layla" played in the Schottenhamel tent?

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Exuberant attitude among players’ wives: “You have to celebrate days like this a lot”

Sitting at the next table are the colleagues of the ex-wife of the player Cathy and still friends Lina Kimmich, Christina Ginter, Alaba’s partner Shalimar Heppner and Sila Sahin (ex-Ilkay Gündogan and wife of Samuel Radlinger). Actress Sahin came all the way from Austria. For them, traditional costume is already a usual Sunday dress. “But in addition to all the fun here, there is also a serious problem. Especially in the show industry, depressive moods have long been a big taboo topic. You make yourself vulnerable if you admit weakness. You are also afraid to work. It has gotten better in the meantime – also because Cathy Hummels drew attention to it and explained it.”

The atmosphere at the Hummels table with about 50 guests is exuberant. The band plays “Layla”, the female celebrities toast each other with champagne and rush to open the Instagram app as small fireworks are served. Cathy Hummels chooses very open words: “I know how it feels when you don’t feel well. That’s why you have to celebrate so much on days like today.” He adds: “I live in the here and now.” And Simone Mecky-Ballack also nodded. “I haven’t missed a day of Oktoberfest yet,” he says, laughing. For Simone Mecky-Ballack, being able to love life again was and is an emotional process of survival.

Simone Ballack and Magdalena Brzeska
Simone Ballack and Magdalena Brzeska
© BrauerPhotos / J. Reetz
Simone Ballack and Magdalena Brzeska

by BrauerPhotos / J.Reetz


After eating disorders and depression: Sophia Thiel supports Cathy Hummels

Sophia Thiel supports Cathy’s mental health campaign. He also experienced first hand what it means when the mind is not healthy. The successful fitness influencer suffered from eating disorders and depression. The pressure was on as Thiel wanted to keep up the facade for the fans. The public image he has created in himself over the years does not match the actual reality of his life. Thiel withdrew abruptly to recover.

“I was able to work through my problems with therapeutic treatment. But my boyfriend and my family environment also helped me,” says the Bavarian native of the AZ. “I recently dared to make a new start, moved to Berlin and would like to start a new chapter in my life.” Thiel is still enjoying his old home for a few days, and he is particularly looking forward to roasted nuts and chicken at the Oktoberfest. How is it really today? “Everything is fine again, but of course there are ups and downs,” explains Sophia Thiel honestly. “I stand by my weaknesses and now I know that this is also a great strength.”

Clemens Baumgärtner: “Celebrities bring glamor and something to talk about”

Even the boss of the Wiesn himself appears as Cathy Hummels of the Wiesn strolls through the Kaiserschmarrn., then also ride a round of the Ferris wheel. The Munich business advisor Clemens Baumgärtner is happy about the VIP crowd on the Theresienwiese: “Celebrities bring glamor and something to talk about. Of course, this should not be missing in the Oktoberfest and in Munich. So many industries live in it.” Cathy Hummels contributes to the economy: “It is alive and busy.” “And super ambitious,” adds actress Nadine Menz. Before that, the illustrious group of guests at the Roomers Hotel dressed themselves in the beauty salon.

Alessandra Meyer-Wölden came from Florida and also stopped at the Hummels promenade: “I always associate the Oktoberfest with a feeling of home. I have wonderful memories of these children. It was always something very special to walk the Theresienwiese with my parents. walk.” The former wife of Oliver Pocher left her five children in the United States: “My mother takes care of the children in Miami.”

Among the other guests: Birthday girls Evelyn Burdecki, Hannes Ringlstetter, Dagmar Wöhrl, Magdalena Brzeska, Sylvia Walker and Timur Bartels.

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