Black Panther 2 a new beginning? Winston Duke on M’baku in Wakanda forever

While there surprised-The presentation at Expo D23 did not have too much news either Black Panther – Wakanda Foreverwhere of course the material was shown that was only reserved for the audience on site, which must be said.

Fortunately left Winston Duke in conversation with comic book a few words fall, who returns to the screen as M’Baku. For this he says that he should adapt to the times. His role would change between the first part and Black Panther – Wakanda Forever changed and he not only survived the blip, but is now a member of the council. This shows that now he is less isolated and more looking to the future.

Duke is excited about the development as it would allow audiences to experience M’baku in a completely new way. This also includes the fact that M’baku does not look at things so narrowly and approaches new things more openly. He learns to think and make decisions with a view to the future.

This is of course in stark contrast to how we got to know M’baku in the first movie, when he largely isolated himself and his tribe from the rest of Wakanda and didn’t want to have much to do with the world “are out there. “anyway.

Black Panther – Wakanda Forever will be in cinemas in Germany on November 9th. Details about the film are still very sparse, but at least there is still some time for new material and some tidbits.

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