Bike streets open in downtown Dortmund – Ruhr area – news

The first rays of the day appeared in the sky. Lord mayor, district mayor, ADFC bike club representatives, Dortmund bike officers, urban mobility planners – everyone was there and in a good mood.

Finally, they were able to present the new four-lane bike route to the public this afternoon. A prestige project of four million euros that the Dortmund city administration and politicians are very proud of.

Demonstration of business women

Mayor Thomas Westphal (SPD) was about to say a few solemn words when those present heard a loud voice from behind. A woman who was apparently at 180.

At first, most of them did not realize what was happening. The woman loudly and resolutely introduces herself as Simone Erpelding, owner of a shop where you can buy fine balsamic vinegar oil.

“Our customers can no longer find parking spaces, and the patients of many doctors here on Ostenhellweg do not know where to park either,” complained the business woman, who had already collected signatures against the bicycle highway.

There is no parking space for the bike path

This is the disadvantage of the wonderful new world of the bicycle: the space that cyclists find in the red marked paths is taken away from others: the Radwall runs to the left and right of the six-lane Ostwall.

The Ostwall was not circumcised. But the parking spaces on the right and left of the street had to make way for the cycle path. A total of 200 pitches. The expansion of the cycle path network is not only at the expense of motorists here.

The delegation led by Mayor Westphal believes that there is no alternative in view of climate change and the planned changes in traffic. Businessmen and local residents do not always agree.

Further expansion of the cycle path network is planned

The Radwall is just the beginning. Dortmund is planning a network of cycle routes throughout the city. Especially on secondary roads that must be turned into bicycle streets where bicycle traffic is allowed to pass.

And from the Radwall is only a good quarter. The other three cases hold powerful explosives. There are several planning scenarios. In one, the car lanes will be removed in favor of bicycle traffic, in another part of the Wallring will be completely closed to car traffic.

Cyclists and motorists have argued on social media for weeks about the sense and nonsense of the planned construction measure.

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