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Argo Blockchain is trading at GBP 37.75 on its home stock exchange in London as of September 16, 2022, 11:16 am Argo Blockchain belongs to the “Software Applications” segment.

Based on a total of 6 evaluation criteria, we have developed an evaluation of the current level for Argo Blockchain. At each stage, the company receives a Buy, Hold, or Sell rating. This results in a final weighting of the overall score.

1. Relative strength index: To assess whether a security is actually “overbought” or “oversold”, the upward and downward movements can be compared over time. This gives the so-called Relative Strength Index (RSI), an indicator from technical analysis that is often used in the financial market. We currently evaluate Argo Blockchain using the shorter-term RSI of the last 7 days and the slightly longer-term RSI on a 25-day basis. First the 7-day RSI, which currently stands at 41.07 points, which means that Argo Blockchain stock is neither overbought nor oversold. As a result, it receives a “Hold” rating. Now at the RSI25: Similar to the RSI7, Argo Blockchain is neither overbought nor oversold on this basis (value: 56.67). Therefore the security is also classified as “Hold” for the RSI25. This gives Argo Blockchain a “Hold” rating for this point in our analysis.

2. Investors: In the past two weeks, Argo Blockchain has been rated as rather neutral by mostly private users on social media. This is the conclusion our editorial team reached when evaluating the various comments and requests to speak that faced this value in the past two weeks. In contrast, mostly positive topics related to values ​​have been addressed in the past few days. In summary, we believe investor sentiment at this level warrants a buy rating. Therefore, measuring investor sentiment produces a general “buy” rating.

3. Feelings and Buzz: The Internet can amplify or even turn moods. Depending on the intensity of the discussion, i.e. the number of verbal contributions in social media and the frequency and depth of the change in attitude, there are new evaluations for the actions. At Argo Blockchain, we measured the medium activity in terms of the intensity of the discussion over the long term and gave a rating of “Hold” to this signal. The rate of attitude change remained low, and no change could be identified. Therefore, we come to the overall result “Hold” for the long-term attitude picture.

Buy, Hold or Sell – Your Argo Blockchain analysis is dated 18/09 give the answer:

How will Argo Blockchain develop now? Is a worthwhile entry or should investors rather sell? Find out the answers to these questions and why you need to act now in the latest analysis of Argo Blockchain.

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