An open ear for everyone – right down to cooking tips

GSCHWANDT. “The Wallner” in the city center is a local provider with history: the shop has been there for almost 300 years right next to the parish church and primary school. It is more alive inside.

Ingrid Wallner is a “Kramerin” in body and soul. “I was really born in the business, it suits me perfectly,” said the businessman. After all, he and his two sisters were active in “Buchinger” at that time early and actively supported their mother in the family business.

When you enter the shop, you will notice that there is always something going on. School students stay in the morning or at lunchtime, essential shopping is done, some just need a little something. Whatever comes with it: a friendly word, a little joke. It goes without saying that Ingrid Wallner knows almost every one of her clients by name: “I just remember that,” smiles the native of Gschwandtner.

In addition, customer service is very important to him and his six employees: purchases are delivered on demand, special requests are ordered; “The Wallner” is a postal partner and collection point for cleaning clothes. Regional products can also be found in the range, from honey to eggs.

For many, however, the most important thing: no matter how much work they have to do: Ingrid Wallner and her team always have an open ear for everyone.

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