Amira’s weakness

At just 29, Amira Pocher has achieved what many dream of – privately and professionally. MADONNA interview about kids, career and her new baby: her label FAYBLE.

He made an exception for MADONNA’s Beauty Day: while Amira Pocher usually cancels events and appearances because otherwise there is not enough time for her family, as she revealed herself, the lady of power jetted to the popular beauty fair in Austria. On the one hand, “Because I love Vienna and I’m originally from Austria,” on the other hand, of course, on a professional mission. Because the native of Carinthia and the wife of the comedy star Oliver Pocher (44) has established herself as an entrepreneur in addition to her career in television (“Prominent!”, “Let’s dance”) in the spring of this year. With his own UV nail polish company FAYBLE, Pocher now wants to conquer the world of beauty.

The mother of two sons (born in 2019 and 2020) is undoubtedly knowledgeable when it comes to beauty: as a trained makeup and hairstylist, she knows what’s important in the industry. The podcaster (“Pochers” regularly entertains under the motto “Silence is silver, Pochers is gold!”) does not find it difficult to drum up advertising for the range of products, which will soon be expanded: with almost 1 million dollars (! ) followers, Amira is one of the most popular social media stars. He does not care about this success at all – as he says in the great MADONNA interview:

You are a presenter, podcaster and businesswoman. But above all, mother of two children. How do you organize your daily life?
Everything is very similar, but the good thing is that I am in the privileged position of being able to organize everything myself. I can do most of my work at home. In other words: I often work in the morning or when the children are napping. I often record my podcasts late at night when they are sleeping. I must also say that I cancel a lot – especially events or performances.

But many of your tasks cost a lot of time. Do you occasionally reach your limit?
Yes of course. I am often tired. I wake up a little after six with my youngest child and then the day begins. I am a 24-hour mom and, like everyone else, I have a home. Being a mother is beautiful, but of course it takes more energy than any other job.

you manage to create a little time me?
My time comes in the evening after I put the kids to bed. Then I watch my favorite series. Actually, I should then take care of my husband, because like all men he needs attention – but I always say: I make two men in our house happy, I can not take care of everyone (laughs).

They took off on Instagram and will soon have a million real followers. How do you deal with this presence?
I honestly don’t think so. I mostly do Instagram for fun and am not financially dependent on it. I think it becomes difficult when you professionally depend on social media. But whether I have 2,000 followers more or less in a day is of no importance to me at all.

Is there a moment you remember that skyrocketed your Instagram growth?
Yes, actually there was. In the spring of 2020 there was the show “Pocher vs Wendler” on RTL. The show had 27.4 percent market share. That’s pretty unbelievable these days. I can still remember that moment when I sort of lost control of my Instagram (laughs). At that moment it was absolutely crazy what happened there. I just couldn’t keep up.

How do you deal with insults?
I honestly have to say that I don’t even read most of the insults. I will not let this happen to me. You can usually tell by the title if someone is writing something nice or something bad and I sort that out.

You also came a long way with “Let’s Dance”. They were eliminated in the semifinals. did you expect to get this far?
no I honestly don’t have. I got the wild card in the first show – that’s like a ticket that I can’t get eliminated in the next show. It really surprised me then. After that, it continued week by week and I was allowed to be there with Massimo for 14 weeks.

What did you take away from “Let’s Dance”?
I fell in love with Massimo. He is one of the most beloved people in my life, a true friendship developed.

A few months ago you started your own beauty company FAYBLE, UV nail polish. How did this happen?
: I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I did not dare for a long time. I didn’t even know where to start. Then my love for good nail polish or UV varnish came along. I tested almost everything and I was not always satisfied, but I always thought to myself: ‘There is more to do’. I wanted to combine the best of all and finally put the best product on the market. At some point I met my current business partner, with whom I founded FAYBLE. It is also a very important part and we complement each other very well. He is the head of the company, brings a high level of expertise and is an experienced entrepreneur. I tend to take care of the whole creative area. In the meantime, a real friendship was also formed, as we both realized early on that we can definitely count on each other.

Amira's weakness

How did the name FAYBLE come about?
We have a creative agency in the background that has given us many suggestions. In principle, we don’t just want to stay with nail polish, but also expand into other fields. So it had to be a name that fits on many levels. I found FAYBLE incredibly appropriate right away.

You originally come from the cosmetics industry and are a trained makeup artist. Does this help you in your current role as a beauty entrepreneur?
I guess that. Especially if we later want to expand in the direction of cosmetics.

How exactly can someone imagine your specific work for FAYBLE?
I go to the meetings regularly and look closely at everything. We are a small team and we work closely. Some points have to be discussed and decided every day – this only happens after mutual consultation with my business partner. I’m doing job interviews and now working hard on a new product that will hopefully be launched this year. We also want to launch normal nail polish soon.

So there are many things to do What do you dream of as an entrepreneur?
I hope that we can continue to grow so fast and economically and that we can establish ourselves completely among the market leaders – not only in the area of ​​UV nail polish, but also in new business areas.

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