Amira Pocher: Regarding DSDS jury Katja Krasavice: “I think she is really reprehensible”

With the replacement of the jury for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” those responsible achieved a major coup. In addition to veteran Dieter Bohlen (68), singer Pietro Lombardi (30) and singer Leony (25), this time there is also rapper Katja Krasavice (26). The artist is not only known for his music, but also for his revealing outfit. Again and again she shows herself in the tightest possible clothes and gives her fans sexy photos on her account on the erotic platform “OnlyFans”.

In his song “OnlyFans” he also frankly admits that he is quite successful and sings: “I have a red Benz, thanks to OnlyFans, I think I’m a millionaire now.” Now the career path of the rapper, who has also successfully marketed merchandising items and his own soft drink, has led him to the DSDS jury. Amira (29) and Oliver Pocher (44) took this as an opportunity to take a critical look at Katja Krasavice in their podcast “Die Pochers”.

Amira Pocher honors the success of Katja Krasavice

“You have to give him one thing: he is very successful in what he does. Wherever he appears, people attack the shops,” Amira Pocher acknowledged according to “” and added: “I think he not either. Stupid. He’s a businessman.”

But the moderator has his problems with the performance revealed the rapper and said: “I find it really reprehensible how you play with the image or with the role as a model and then present yourself naked and smoking marijuana on the net that’s when the target group. actually buy your lunch boxes.” Katja Krasavice must be a little more responsible with her image, especially in view of her very young target group, the 29-year-old said.

Oliver Pocher agrees with Amira

Oliver Pocher also agreed with his wife. You don’t necessarily have to walk around with “silicone breasts and a thong” to prove that you’re a strong woman, says the comedian. Ten years ago, people with such a dress still appeared in the beautiful erotic “Venus”.

Pocher did not let his wife’s objection to slut-shaming mean to attack women who like to show themselves freely and talk openly about their sexuality. “It has nothing to do with slut shaming. He can do whatever he wants,” he declared, but added: “But then you still want to bring everything together. You want to be complete on a on the one hand sells it in a sexualized way. but on the other hand also conveys a message and shows how free you are.”

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